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Konami will be showcasingDance Dance Revolution: Classroom Editionduring the California Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance (CAPHERD) State Conference (happening between February 23rd - 26th).

(Source: elPadawan on Flickr)

Details are scant at the moment but apparently the new game will let up to 48 dance mats to be connected. This really sums up the gamification of exercise for the next generation…

Are you a self-help book junkie? Do you have apps that track your diet progress? Are you working too hard and not smart enough? Does your time disappear into a black hole? Do you have one and a million goals for yourself and seem to be failing at most of them?

Chris Hewett co-created Mindbloom Life Game after he turned his unbalanced life around, and now hopes an online game can help those who need that extra bit of motivation in life:

The Mindbloom Life Game is aimed at inspiring people to define what is important to them, discover what motivates them, and to take meaningful daily actions in all areas of their lives.

Instead of the out-dated self-help books and audio tapes, Hewett is offering gamification as the answer to influence lasting behavioural changes. Indeed, the team behind Mindbloom Life Game includes gaming, tech, and behavioral science experts.

The game is a bit like running yourself as a Sims character, except offline actions can gain you rewards. Of course, this programme only really works if you are honest; but then again if you are trying to be a better, more wholesome person, lying is one habit you definitely need to get rid of.

ABC News and the UN Foundation, as part of the Million Moms Challenge, jointly launched a Farmville-like game on Facebook called 1000 Days. The app presents a series of educational games that teach maternal health like proper diet, breast feeding and government regulations, with the goal of spreading the words about the gobal health issues that affect mothers and children alike.

Gamifying education seems to be a popular way to teach and raise awareness of important issues, but it worries me that the modern way of spreading critical messsages is done on Facebook via a game. Will the next generation of parents spend more time on Facebook games than take care of their children in real life?

How crowdsourced gamification can make real changes in our real world.

Wouldn’t it be great to play a game, and at the end of an hour and a half, you understand a little bit more about quantum mechanics or jet engines?
A question posed by Khaled Shariff, the CEO of Project Whitecard in an interview with Mashable referring to the NASA-approved game. Welcome to the age of gamifying astrophyiscs…