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The Next Web has reported:

A company in Germany has created a ‘virtual sky’ which makes the working environment more harmonious by replacing dingy office lighting with the feeling of being under the open skies.

Some says it would be cheaper to just go outside, but maybe they don’t live in England under a layer of perma-cloud!

There is now an iPhone cooking app that guides you through a recipe step-by-step, and simply waving your hand get you to the next step so you don’t get flour or grease on your phone. Genius.

Now, just hook that up to a pico projector and a Kinect-type sensor and we can all be waving about the kitchen to get the “next step” in our recipes projected on the wall. Fabulous!

BBC News reports:

Engineers have created a chemical coating that causes cotton materials to clean themselves of stains and remove odours when exposed to sunlight.

According to the report, analysts think the material would be great for people living in humid country. I would add that college students would also welcome this new invention!

Who said innovations are dead?

(via 39momomo)