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Mobiledia reports:

Scientists at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University initiated video calls to 10,000 randomly selected Skype users and discovered that even when a recipient does not accept the incoming call, the user’s Internet Protocol, or IP, address can still be vulnerable to theft.

Armed with an IP address, hackers can uncover specific information about victims, including who they chat with, what they download while online, and in many cases, their zip-code specific location.

The article continues:

Criminals, terrorists, and hackers may use the security flaw to glean locations of government officials, corporate leaders, politicians, and celebrities.

And here’s why it matters to you and me:

Skype, now owned by Microsoft, boasts 171 million registered users around the world.

Let’s hope the bug gets patched soon.

Face-recognition unlocking software on Android Ice Cream requires a copy of your face, not actually your face. D’oh.

From Betabeat:

The NYPD is taking the 16 percent increase in subway theft lying down–by flooding the MTA with dozens of decoy offers pretending to be drunk or asleep, reports the New York Post.

Although the NYPD won’t disclose the exact number of undercover offices being dispatched underground with iPhones and Kindles, the Post‘s source says “the backup is expected to more than double the number of cops currently conducting the stealthy underground operations.”

The costs of cybercrime in 2011 - estimated by Unisys [infographic]

How social media carelessness can help criminals, and what you could do to protect yourself [infographic]

According to V3:

The researchers said that criminals are increasingly focused on one specific area of expertise to trade on the black market, and are commoditising exploited machines on a more granular level.

Rather than sell off large quantities of infected systems for botnet activity, attackers have begun selling access to individual high-value targets such as systems with access to government or large-enterprise networks.

600,000 Facebook accounts are compromised each day (or to put it more deliciately, “only 0.06 percent of 1 billion logins per day”), according to this infographic provided by Facebook about its security.

Next time you log on to a Facebook account from a public terminal, make sure you log out.